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the Baker's Dozen is a list of the bakers that were killed by the serial killer, Piella Bakewell, in the Wallace and Gromit short, A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Why They Were Murdered

Piella Bakewell was the spokesmodel for the Bake-O-Lite Bread Company, but after Piella gained too much weight from eating too many pastries, and became too heavy to ride the Bake-O-Lite hot air balloon, the company dropped her as their spokesmodel.

Feeling it was the fault of the bakers who made the pastries she ate rather than her own or the company's, Piella decided to get revenge by killing a "baker's dozen" of bakers (a "baker's dozen" is thirteen).

She gained the trust of the thirteen bakers by pretending to fall in love with them, and then killed them when they least expected it---not that they actually expected Piella to murder them.


Norbert Stodge

The first baker stabbed to death by Piella.

Wayne Scales

The second baker murdered by Piella.

Rich Teabiscuit

The third baker murdered by Piella.

Basil Dumplings

The fourth baker murdered by Piella.

Phil O'Pastry

The fifth baker murdered by Piella.

Bread Astair

The sixth baker murdered by Piella.

Quiche Richards

The seventh baker murdered by Piella.

Crusty Rolls

The eighth baker murdered by Piella.

Herb Bruschetta

The ninth baker murdered by Piella.

Shorty Shortcrust

The tenth baker murdered by Piella.

Brendan Butterpudding

The eleventh and penultimate baker murdered by Piella.

Baker Bob

The twelfth and final baker murdered by Piella and whose death appeared in the local newspaper. He is named after writer Bob Baker. It is also possible whether the character referenced in A Close Shave is the same baker. He was voiced by Ben Whitehead.


  • Quiche Richards was the only chef whose picture wasn't seen in the film.
  • Wallace was the first (and currently only) baker Piella wasn't able to successfully murder, which makes him the sole survivor of her bakers dozen by far.
  • With the exception of Baker Bob and Wallace, the names of all the bakers murdered by Piella are puns on baked goods.