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The Cooker is a gas cooker on wheels, complete with a coin slot and wonky antenna, who is the patroller of the moon's surface. It is shocked to find Wallace and Gromit 'eating' the landscape, but upon discovering a holiday brochure becomes captivated by the idea of skiing.

A Grand Day Out

It was a coin-activated robot that lived on the Moon. When Wallace and Gromit came to the Moon to get some cheese, Wallace activated him using 10p coins. It looked at a ski magazine and wished he could ski himself.

After being unwittingly activated by Wallace with a 10p coin, the Cooker was surprised to find others on the moon. When it noticed Wallace was dropping litter, placing his rocket on a forbidden parking spot, breaking the moon and stealing all the cheese spikes, it tried to teach Wallace by hitting him with a police truncheon (AKA a billy club).

But before he could do so, the coin meter was used up and he stopped in the middle of the action. Upon seeing the motionless Cooker behind him, Wallace took away the truncheon/billy club and inserted another 10p coin. The Cooker reactivated and noticed Wallace and Gromit leaving the moon after stealing the cheese spikes to head back home to Earth and, linking them as a potential means of taking him to Earth so he could ski, the Cooker followed them. Upon seeing The Cooker rushing towards them, Wallace panicked, believing that it was angry at them for taking all the cheese they had collected. It stowed inside the base of the rocket but accidentally lit the high fuse, which blew him off and launched the rocket.

After landing, the Cooker was depressed at having failed to get into the rocket. Then it realised the metal strips that came off the rocket with him could be bent, so it decided to fashion the metal strips into skis and the various hills on the Moon as ski slopes. It worked, and having fulfilled his ambition at last, he was last seen waving good-bye to the space travellers as they set off back to Earth. He skied until the coin meter was used up and he stopped.

The Big Fix Up

The Cooker reappears as a contraption the player can use. They are given one when they start, but they can make more with its blueprint, 1 glue, 2 rubber tubes, 1 wire cutters and 300 scrap. Its skill is Electrical Repair.


  • It's a mystery as to whom built the Cooker and sent him to the Moon to begin with.
  • The Cooker is the first antagonist to appear in the franchise.
    • It is also the only antagonist to reform in the franchise.
  • An audio adaptation of A Grand Day Out called the Cooker the Moon Machine.
  • The Cooker's original model is now owned by the Science Museum in London.