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Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions is a series of ten Wallace & Gromit shorts varying in length from 1 to 3 minutes. Each episode features one of Wallace's new inventions and Gromit's skeptical reaction to it. The series was produced and released in 2002 by Aardman Animations.

The series is now available free on iTunes, The Official Wallace and Gromit website[1], as well as the official Aardman YouTube channel[2], on Hulu[3], Toons.tv and Amazon Prime Video[4].

Most of the background music in Cracking Contraptions is a remix of the songs in A Grand Day Out and most of the wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room of 62 West Wallaby Street are reused from The Wrong Trousers.


  1. Shopper 13
  2. The Autochef
  3. A Christmas Cardomatic
  4. The Tellyscope
  5. The Snowmanotron
  6. The Bully Proof Vest
  7. The 525 Crackervac
  8. The Turbo Diner
  9. The Snoozatron
  10. The Soccamatic



  • Directed by: Christopher Sadler, Loyd Price
  • Executive Producers: Peter Lord, David Sproxton
  • Associate Producers: Sean Clarke, Carla Shelley
  • Music Composition by: Richard Stone, Jullian Nott
  • Editor: Andrew Ward
  • Directors Of Photography: Liam Owen, Dave McCormick
  • Animation Directors: Merlin Crossingham, Andy Symanowski, Ian Whitlock
  • Animators: Terry Brain, Dug Calder, Mike Cottee, Darren Thompson
  • Assistant Animators: Maria Hopkinson Hassell, Alison Evans
  • Story Artists: Michael Salter, Sylvia Bennion
  • Visual Development: Nick Park, Christopher Sadler, Lloyd Price
  • Visual Effects And Animation By: Industrial Light And Magic
  • Compositors: Steve Box, Michael Salter, Merlin Crossingham
  • Model Makers: Ian Whitlock, Andy Symanowski, Jay Grace
  • CGI Animation: Seamus Malone, Peter Lord, Dick Hansom
  • Produced by: Sylvia Bennion, Jane Kite
  • Voice of Wallace: Peter Sallis
  • Voice of the Autochef: Uncredited but Robotic
  • Special Thanks To: Vic Finch, Anne Wood, Andrew Davenport, Peter Lord, Nick Park