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Duck Vestas Matches visionally known as Duck Matches are a household fire lighting company featured in A Grand Day Out. It is an obvious parody of Swan Vestas Matches.

Wallace stand a box of Duck Vestas Matches at the ready over the 60-second fuse to ignite the blast-off, with a deep breath Wallace ignites the fuse. When the Cooker discovered the Duck Vestas Matches especially when the emergency countdown came to and end with no result. Whether or not the Cooker heard Wallace's reminder to Gromit, the Cooker grabs hold of the metal strips from the hole in the rocket.

Duck Vestas Matches are also used to light a joke candle on the the cake that actually is a bomb Piella Bakewell concealed in A Matter of Loaf and Death.


Duck Veta’s name refers to the match company Swan Vesta but it has a duck on the box of matches instead of a swan.