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Edwina "Winnie" Gabberley is a character that appears in Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. She is more commonly known as Mrs. Gabberley. She is also the owner of a local newsagent, and she lives with her husband, Mr. Gabberley.


Edwina is friendly and gentle but she will yell at anyone insulting her. For example, "Go suck a lemon you moaning Minnie". At first, she struggled to get on with Duncan McBiscuit after the latter insulted her for her weight but after Duncan was thumped by Poochy-woo and Tinky-wee for stealing his chew toy, Mrs. Gabberley helped cure his amnesia. 

Edwina seems to be willing to take on a challenge as, during a fundraiser held by Monty Muzzle to help build a new dog shelter, she was the only one to take on Major Crum at the pie-eating contest and ended up winning when the Major surrendered.

After the fundraiser is exposed as a scam, Edwina's kind heart shows when she decides to take in the three stray dogs much to Mr. Gabberley's annoyance.