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Gromit (usually nicknamed "Lad", "Mate", or "Chuck" by Wallace) is Wallace's silent sidekick, best friend, and pet dog. Gromit is the brains of the duo, and often rolls his eyes at Wallace's mad antics and ideas, often having to save Wallace from many scrapes and calamities.


Gromit's appearance is quite basic seeming as hes a dog. His skin, or fur, color is a very light tanned color and he has floppy brown ears on his head.


Gromit is a sensitive, intelligent, resourceful dog with a genuine affection for Wallace. Being the less eccentric one of the two, he's much more aware than his master and has a better judge of character. In most cases, Gromit does the actual work while Wallace panics or gets himself into more trouble. Gromit is also shown to be very annoyed with Wallace when the latter makes friends with untrustworthy people, such as Piella Bakewell in A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Gromit is very loyal to Wallace and has a strong sense of justice. Not even at gunpoint did he waver in saving his master and upholding the law, as seen in The Wrong Trousers. However, there have been times when Gromit himself has been wrongly accused of crimes, like in A Close Shave, when he's accused of sheep slaughter, and A Matter of Loaf and Death, when accused and punished for biting Piella Bakewell. Despite his faithfulness, he does occasionally ignore or simply refuse to do what Wallace says. One example was in A Close Shave, where Shaun the Sheep was eating Wallace's cheese and Gromit disregards an order to sic him.

Gromit has a good nature and a kind heart, yet very critical of Wallace's inventions. He is also easily aggravated. Gromit doesn't express himself with spoken words, but his facial expressions and body language speak volumes. Many critics believe that Gromit's silence makes him the perfect straight man with a pantomime expressiveness that drew favorable comparisons to Buster Keaton.[1]Although at times he does make dog-like noises, such as yelps or grunts.

In A Matter of Loaf and Death, he meets and falls in love with a poodle named Fluffles, an abused pet of Piella Bakewell. Gromit enjoys eating "Korn Flakes" and reading many books, including "The Republic", by Pluto; "Crime and Punishment", by Fido Dogstoyevsky; and a "how-to" guide entitled, "Electronics for Dogs". He also listens to Bach and can solve puzzles with ease.


Born on February 12th (possibly in mid-80's)[2], Gromit went on to graduate from "Dogwarts University" with a double first in Engineering for Dogs.[3] He enjoys knitting, playing cards, reading the newspaper, building things, and cooking. His prized possessions include an alarm clock, bone, brush, and a framed photo of himself with Wallace. He also cherished his giant vegetable marrow grown for the annual Giant Vegetable Competition shown in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. He is also very handy with electronic equipment and often helps Wallace with his many inventions. It is also shown that he is an excellent airplane pilot, with the ability to fly just about any kind of small plane. In A Close Shave, he flew a small monoplane with a porridge gun to thwart Preston, the evil dog, and he was able to pilot a toy biplane in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, though this is hard to explain since the plane was a toy and not meant to fly. He also had little trouble operating the plane's bomb doors in order to get rid of Philip, his nemesis.




  • Gromit may resemble Snoopy from "Classic Peanuts".
  • Gromit is recognized by most kennel clubs as a beagle.
  • Gromit's age is unknown, but he can be implied to be a young dog, somewhere around 5 human years, and 35 dog years.
  • Gromit was originally meant to be a cat, but Nick Park changed him into a dog because it proved easier to model.
  • Peter Hawkins was originally going to voice Gromit whether he was a cat or a dog, but the idea of Gromit speaking was dropped when it became clear how expressive he could be just through small movements of the eyes, ears, and brows, so the voice was never used, and also for being realistic, because cats and dogs can't talk. However, several times in interviews, Nick Park has mentioned having an unreleased recording of Peter Hawkins doing Gromit's "voice" for A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave, and how only Nick Park himself has heard the recording to this very day.[4]
  • Gromit's eyes aren't black but are in fact a very dark blue, seen for a brief time in A Grand Day Out.
  • In A Matter of Loaf and Death, it is revealed that Gromit is left-handed (seen when he writes up in the book of surveillance for dogs during his plan to thwart Piella).
  • In 2005 Aardman's storage facility set fire, destroying Gromit's puppets form the original 3 Wallace And Gromit shorts, none survive to this day although a head of Gromit from "A Close Shave" with a helmet is currently in the hands of a Aardman crew member and was first given to him in 1995.


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