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Hutch a character in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.



Hutch is exactly like Wallace, only a smaller and more rabbit-like version of him.


Hutch was initially a regular rabbit, captured by Wallace and Gromit after Lady Tottington reported a major infestation of rabbits on her property. Wallace had an accident after attempting to use his Mind Manipulation-O-Matic to brainwash the captive rabbits, after which he inherits rabbit instincts, while Hutch gradually becomes humanoid and gains portions of Wallace's personalities and traits. Hutch did not instantly transform afterwards, however, and was only noticed after numerous citizen reports of rabbit activity. Wallace wrongfully deduced that Hutch is the perpetrator. and, as a consequence, has Gromit imprison Hutch in a cage. Being unable to repair Mind Manipulation-O-Matic himself as a result of the accident, Wallace discovers Hutch's possession of his intelligence and allows him to do so. In Wallace's absence, Hutch often just roams around Wallace's place.

After being trapped in a cage by Victor Quartermaine, Gromit managed to trigger Wallace's mechanisms while Hutch is in his bedroom, causing him to fall through comically before landing in Wallace's van while being dressed in Wallace's clothing. He inadvertently backs up the vehicle and frees Gromit from the cage before complementing on the latter. Hutch then assists Gromit by baiting the Monstrous Wallace with the vehicle, which eventually crashes into a tent, though he and Gromit both survive. After Wallace's apparent death, Hutch, who was still nearby and unaware, comments on cheese, which reminds Gromit of Wallace's habit, and he proceeds to revives him.

At the end of the film, Hutch was released into the "bunny sanctuary" at Tottington Hall along with other rabbits.


  • Hutch is larger than most regular rabbits.
  • In a deleted scene, Hutch is placed back into the Mind-O-Matic, with Wallace inside the BunVac as part of an attempt to restore the two back to their pre-accident selves. When Wallace and Gromit try the carrot test, Hutch refuses the carrot, but instead dives into a whole bowl full of carrots, revealing that he has been restored with his rabbit instincts.
  • In another alternate ending, Wallace and Gromit set the rabbits free across the Yorkshire border, with Hutch following them out of the van driving a watermelon-shaped car.
  • As part of the bonus features on the Curse of the Were-Rabbit DVD, there was a scene where Hutch and Gromit do a recreation of the launch scene from the film, with one noticeable difference is the fact that Hutch simply falls through Wallace's pants.
  • Hutch technically has no voice actor in his only cinematic appearance, as all lines said by him were higher pitched versions of Wallace' quotes from various films.
  • While Wallace's time as the Were-Rabbit was temporary, what happened to Hutch was permanent.