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Jubilee Bunt-a-thon is a Wallace and Gromit short, that like some of the Cracking Contraptions shorts, is only 1 minute long. It was created in association with the National Trust to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

The short is now available free on the official National Trust YouTube channel.


Gromit is making decorations on his sewing machine for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee while Wallace is packing a lunch. Wallace greets Gromit "goodnight" and turns off the light, leaving Gromit working alone until he falls asleep. Wallace wakes Gromit up telling him that they have to get the estate ready for the VIPs. Gromit hoists bunting around the estate while Wallace drinks coffee and comments on the size of the manor and how things have changed. He tells Gromit not to dawdle before he looks up and sees that Gromit already completed the work. He offers congratulations to both Gromit and himself for completing the job and heads off to find a spot to setup lunch for the celebration.



  • The model used for the manor of Trust estate is Tottington Hall. Wallace line "things sure have changed around here" seems to indicate that the two are one in the same, or at least that they have been there before. However, the estate is never named in the short.
  • The Spanish title is, "El Festival del Pueblo", which is translated, "The Town Festival".
  • Wallace was voiced by Ben Whitehead instead of Peter Sallis.
  • The Top Bun Van is used, although it doesn't have it's logo on the side.