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Meatabix is a dog food company that was first featured in The Wrong Trousers.

While pursuing the dastardly Feathers McGraw, Gromit hides inside an empty Meatabix dog food box that was discarded in a back alley. Using his trusty pocketknife, Gromit cuts a pair of eye holes in the box.

Gromit fears that Feathers might have seen his eyes gazing out of the box, however luckily the eye holes lined up with the eyes of the cartoon dog on the package, therefore camouflaging them into the package's design and making him unseen by the evil penguin.

The empty Meatabix dog food box also appeared in Project Zoo in the Zoo Keepers' patrolling maze area of the Warehouse level

A Meatabix box also served as Fluffles' bed in A Matter of Loaf and Death.


Meatabix's name refers to the food Weetabix and is an obvious parody of Weetabix, but it’s meat for dogs instead of a cereal in fragile biscuit form made with wheat for humans.