Wallace and Gromit Wiki

The Mind Manipulation-O-Matic is one of Wallace's inventions. It is used for the manipulation of human thoughts and desires no longer wanted by the user, and can change, implant, or even extract them depending on the user's will.

Wallace had been caught cheating on his cheese-free diet by Gromit, so in order to better control himself, he unveils the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic and prepares to extract his cheese-loving nature from his mind. Gromit worriedly disapproves, but before Wallace activates the device, an emergency pest problem from Tottington Hall presents itself, and the duo ride off as Anti-Pesto Pest Control and effectively deal with the problem.

Afterwards, Wallace decides to use his invention for a different purpose: to brainwash their captured rabbits and negate their vegetable cravings, combining the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic with the BunVac 6000 rabbit-capture device to do so more efficiently. The experiment seems to work, but when Wallace accidentally hits the 'blow' function on the BunVac, one of the rabbits end up inside the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic as Wallace wears it, and it affects the two of them in different ways. The rabbit, named Hutch by Wallace, absorbs Wallace's mind waves, and slowly becomes a rabbit counterpart of Wallace, with the ability to speak, a knack for inventing, and a fondness for cheese instead of vegetables. Wallace on the other hand, ends up getting the rabbits' vegetable-loving nature transferred into his mind, which helped him with his diet, but due to using lunar power to enhance the mind waves, it also infected him with a curse that turned him into the dreaded Were-Rabbit every night when the moon was visible.

During the botched project, Gromit destroyed the device to free Wallace from its influence.

Later, Wallace tries to fix it to get rid of his were-rabbit transformation. However, his brain makes him think like a rabbit. Hutch then began rebuilding it himself, but was interrupted when the door bell rang.