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Montgomery "Monty" Muzzle is the main antagonist of episode 3 of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. At first, seeming to be a charitable man, his real intentions are soon exposed by Gromit and later Wallace too. He employs three chickens as his henchmen.


As stated above, Monty acts kind-hearted and charitable but he is, in reality, sly, devious and conniving. He agrees to take the three stray dogs Wallace and Gromit but neither of them realise that Monty is using to power his ride, 'The Muzzler'. This is because Monty is very good at lying and this enables him to pull his con on the town.

There are certain pies that Monty hates: strawberry rhubarb pie, a "diabolical confection" his Auntie Mildred forced down his throat on "birthdays, holiday, FRIDAYS" while she kept tapping her glass eye with a fingernail; apple crisp pie, an "unholy brew" his late father never got enough of at the pie shop night after night, driving his wife and son mad; kidney pie, a ration he and the rest of his battalion detested during his time in the National Service, in which he took part in digging trenches to prevent the great flood of 1961 from reaching the barracks; mince pie, which he never ate again after getting seasick; and blueberry pie, since he has hated blueberries the day the local bully Archibald Pennicot forced ten-year-old Monty to eat.

One pie he loves, however, is the sort of baked potato his mother used to make, with "lightly battered cod" ice cream on top. This is because it reminds him of his childhood when his mother would serve him fish and chips for her chip shop. When Gromit bakes this particular pie, Monty declares him the Master of Ceremonies for the pie eating contest.


Monty Muzzle also makes a small cameo in episode 4 of the series while locked behind bars.