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Mr. Caliche appears as a contestant for the vegetable competition. He is of Indian descent and grows marrows which he places in Anti-Pesto cucumber frames.





Mr. Caliche first appears in the film putting his marrows to bed in his garden, which is reveled to be next door to Wallace and Gromit's house. Later that night, the Were-Rabbit raids his garden, but flees when the alarm goes off before it can harm his marrows. Mr. Caliche next appears in the church with the rest of the aggrieved townsfolk, where he expresses fear for the contest's fate after Reverend Clement Hedges delivers his harrowing encounter with the Were-Rabbit and is supportive of giving Anti-Pesto a second chance in catching the beast. When they are unable to prevent further vegetable carnage, however, Mr. Caliche joins an angry mob that confronts Lady Tottington and outright states that they will cancel the competition if their vegetables can't be kept safe. Victor Quartermaine offers to kill th beast and apparently succeeds, so Mr. Caliche and the others celebrate at Tottington Hall. When it turns out that the beast is actually still alive, however, and it shows up and wreaks havoc, Mr. Caliche sets up an angry mob supplies stall and joins his fellow townsfolk in chasing the Were-Rabbit out of town.

His appearance on the video game based on the film sees him running a shop, with equipment for sale helpful for Gromit to grow his Marrow. The game also gives him a daughter, Jasminder, who makes some appearances in the film but is not identified as such.