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Mrs. Suzanne Mulch is a townsperson from The Curse of the Were-Rabbit who is famed for her prize pumpkin. She has installed an Anti-Pesto gnome protection system to defend it and treats it like her own child, even calling it her "little baby" and wheeling it about in a pram. She also has a grand-daughter named Harriet.



According to the Reverend, she has a tendency to belch. Along with the rest of the Townsfolk, she has many an interesting tale to tell and believes strongly in the supernatural. Her on-screen husband, Mr. Reg Mulch, seems to be far less talkative than his wife.


When the Were-Rabbit is revealed to still be alive, Mrs. Mulch is not happy about the idea of her prized pumpkin being used as bait and runs off with it in a pram, only to quickly return when the beast digs underground and follows her. After stowing her prized vegetable somewhere safe, she takes up arms (in her case, a chainsaw) with the rest of the townsfolk and chases the Were-Rabbit to the roof of Tottington Hall. Her last appearance is when Gromit dresses Victor Quartermaine in the female were-rabbit costume and pushes him out to the angry townsfolk, who then chase the beast out of town.