Muzzled is the third episode of the 2009 adventure game episodic series Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. It was directed by Sean Vanaman and released by Telltale Games.


Shortly after the holiday season, a charity fair comes into town, run by Monty Muzzle, to raise money for a new dog shelter. After dealing with 3 new strays at home, Wallace & Gromit go to the fair with Wallace's new invention to create any flavor of Ice Cream. At the fair, Gromit discovers that Muzzle is actually stealing donations & using the strays as manual labor for the fair. When Wallace & Gromit uncovers Muzzle's intentions, he escapes on a makeshift balloon, but Wallace & Gromit give chase, denying Muzzle's ill-gotten money & saving all the strays. Ms. Flitt, who dumped Duncan McBiscuit earlier in the episode earlier in the episode and has grown to admire the "bravery" of Wallace (unaware that actually Gromit stopped Muzzle), mistakes his confusion at finding a loose fastening nut as an engagement ring and a marriage proposal from him. Meanwhile, Muzzle falls into the cell where the pups Poochy-Woo and Tinky-Wee are in. Muzzle then cries for help as the two pups start barking at him.



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