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This article lists nicknames that characters of the Wallace & Gromit series have been called.


The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Anti Pesto (Wallace and Gromit work together to get rid of pests, they're self employed at this job) it wasn't a nickname for Lady Tott.

Pesto (Victor Quartermaine) 

Puddle-Headed Peasent (Victor Quartermaine)

A Matter of Loaf and Death

My little Cheesecake, My Vanilla Slice, My Shortcrust, My Sugar Dumpling, Minced Pie, Utter and Complete Fruit Cake, Gooseberry Fool (Piella)



Lad (Wallace)

Chuck (Wallace)

Old pal (Wallace)

A Matter of Loaf and Death

Stranger (Wallace)

My little Poochy-Woochey, You Meddling Mutt (Piella)

Lady Tottington

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

My love (Victor Quartermaine)

Totty (Wallace)

Piella Bakewell

A Matter of Loaf and Death

The Bake-O-Lite Girl (Wallace, herself)

Madame, My Fudgecake, My Apple Streudel, Dearest, My Spongecake, My Petal, My Precious, My Flower/Flour, My Angel Cake (Wallace)

Auntie Piella (herself)


Fluffy, Fluffy-Wuffy (Piella)

Lass (Wallace)