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(Police Constable) Ernest Dibbins is the village police officer his first appearence being in Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures in 2009. Eager to perform his policing duties and to uphold all official rules and regulations, he especially targets rodent problems in shops.


He has a mother who appears to be very deaf and a long-term dream of his was to become a member of the Prickly Thicket Golf Club. When he was beaten to a place by Wallace he searched through the law and found a reason to close them down. He is one of the few people to master the Ganges Grip.


He is not, in reality, particularly good at his job mainly because he approaches it from such a set textbook of how to behave that he loses his natural instincts. An example can be found when he tried to solve the mystery of what had happened to Duncan McBiscuit. He also has no qualms about accepting other people’s work as his own - as seen when Gromit saved the town from the giant bumblebees.


With PC Mackintosh not appearing in the game it is presumed that PC Dibbins has taken over.