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Philip is the secondary antagonist in The Curse of the Were Rabbit.


As Victor Quartermine's pet, Philip is a loyal dog that aggressively defends his owner and pursues his objectives at no hesitation.


While Victor hunted down the Were-Rabbit after locking Gromit in a cage, the latter escapes and steals a miniature plane before Philip commandeers another in pursuit. Gromit briefly loses Philip on a turn where the latter's plane is destroyed, although Phillip survives and attempts to kill Gromit in melee combat. The fight is comically interrupted when the plane runs out electricity and requires payment, where he pays instead of Gromit when his opponent does not have suitable coins. Gromit eventually causes Phillip to fall from his aircraft by opening the bomb bay, sending him down to an inflatable castle. Philip survives the impact and his teeth punctures the structure.

Near the end of the film, after Gromit disguised Victor as the were-rabbit in an attempt to drive away the angry mob, Philip mistakenly thought his master was Wallace in his rabbit form and attacks Victor as the latter is driven away, both never to be seen again. What happened to Philip was unknown afterwards, but it can be presumed that he either killed Victor out of aggression or ceased attacking and escaped after recognizing him.