Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo
Project Zoo.jpg
Platform PC
PlayStation 2
Developed by Frontier Developments
Published by BAM! Entertainment
Release date 2003

Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo is a 2003 video game, featuring Wallace and Gromit (the main protagonist). The game was developed by Frontier Developments for the PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube.

The story sees the duo take on Feathers McGraw once more.

Feathers, the main antagonist, has escaped from the penguin enclosure at West Wallaby Zoo, and taken over the entire zoo, kidnapping young animals and forcing their parents to work for him, helping him towards his ultimate goal - turning the zoo into a diamond mine.

Wallace and Gromit, meanwhile, have adopted one of the zoo's baby polar bears, named Archie. As they go to visit the zoo to celebrate his birthday, they find the zoo closed. A quick spot of inventing back at the house, and they prepare to embark on their latest adventure. Hiding inside a giant wooden penguin they infiltrate the zoo, and set about rescuing the animals and undoing Feathers' work.

As Wallace and Gromit delve deeper into the zoo they discover ancient temple exhibits (complete with booby traps), drills, lava, loads of machinery, and even snow slides as they travel about the six levels; in each they must save three baby animals: elephants in the Jungle Exhibit, beavers in the mines, gorillas in the subterranean facility, pandas in the warehouse, polar bears in the Polar Exhibit, and zebras in the factories.

As Gromit, the player must use Wallace's bizarre inventions - including the Porridge Gun, Turnip Launcher, Springy Boots, Melt-o-matic and Techno Trousers - to battle Feathers McGraw's robotic minions and rescue the baby animals.

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