Reverend Edward Clement Hedges is father of Amelia Hedges-Windfall and uncle of PC Colin Hedges. He is the local vicar of St George's church in the town of West Wallaby Street which Wallace and Gromit live, as indicated in The Curse of the Were Rabbit feature film. He attempts to bribe his religion into growing his veg, and is one of the townsfolk obsessing over vegetables. He informs the town of the Were-Rabbit after a confrontation with the rabbit the night before, victimizing his vegetables. He also provides Victor with the golden bullets that could kill the rabbit. He is also an avid reader of Pro Nun Wrestling although he is ashamed of this fact. He is also apparently an alcoholic, as Victor Quartermaine mentions his Were-Rabbit story as a result of him having "been to the communion wine again", suggesting a recurring problem.

Video game

Reverend Hedges also appears in the 2005 video game, where he hand out tasks for Anti-Pesto to complete.