Voice Justin Fletcher
Appeared in A Close Shave
Cracking Contraptions
Shaun the Sheep

Shaun is a small sheep featured of the Wallace and Gromit short A Close Shave. He also stars in the spin-off television series Shaun the Sheep.

Wallace and Gromit

Shaun first appeared in A Close Shave as one of the sheep in Wendolene and Preston's flock. Shaun breaks free of the flock and finds hims way into 62 West Wallaby. Wallace and Gromit take the little guy in and, after a

Shaun as he appeared in Shopper 13.

cleaning in Wallace's Knit-O-Matic contraption, the small sheep is shorn; as a result Wallace names him "Shaun".

Shaun later appeared in the Cracking Contraptions series, appearing in the Shopper 13 short as a probe to rescue a wayward wheel of cheese. But instead he just ate it.


  • Shaun's bleat is higher pitched in Wallace and Gromit than in Shaun the Sheep, perhaps due to him maturing physically as well as mentally between the two shows.
  • It is unknown if the flock of sheep in A Close Shave is the same flock that appears in Shaun the Sheep, as notable flock members such as Timmy, Timmy's mother, and Shirley are not present in A Close Shave, although the time between Shaun maturing most likely was more time than since Timmy was born.

Shaun the Sheep

Shaun in the Winter

Shaun is shown as a leading member of a flock of sheep in the television series Shaun the Sheep. Shaun exhibits human intelligence, creativity, and behaviour in the barnyard, more so than in his A Close Shave appearance. Shaun antics often lead to comic mayham, with the little sheep having to avoid the flock's sheepdog Bitzer and the farmer. Shaun the Sheep is an extraordinary creature who is very good natured to his fellow sheep. He is the one who usually gets the rest of the flock into trouble, but he also gets them out of trouble, too. This is very different to his childish behavior in A Close Shave, and is obviously no longer a lamb.