Shaun the Sheep

"Take Away"
Air date March 8, 2007
Episode number 8
Running time 7 minutes
Previous episode "Mower Mouth"
Next episode "The Bull"


The sheep are having a perfectly normal day on the farm when the pizza delivery boy comes by and gives the farmer a pizza. The sheep realize that they are hungry, so Shaun and a few others disguise themselves as a human by taking the cloths off a scarecrow. During their excursion, a frog leaps into the coat of the sheep. At the parlor, the pizza is ordered, but it turns out that the scarecrow's coat didn't have any money. However, when Shaun unintentionally pulls out the frog, the delivery boy decides that the frog is worth it, so the sheep happily head home with the pizza.

That evening, the farmer goes out to throw his pizza box away, and sees a scarecrow with several boxes around him, along with hearing a loud burp and a hiccup. The farmer runs away in terror, although it's only Shirley.