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The Techno Trousers EX-NASA, also called the "Wrong Trousers", are a special pair of robot trousers with many properties. They were originally given to Gromit on his birthday by Wallace in The Wrong Trousers. The Techno Trousers have the ability to adhere to any solid surface via suction, enabling the wearer to scale the side of a wall. This, however, was not their original purpose.


The Wrong Trousers[]

On Gromit's birthday, aside from a collar and leash, Wallace also gave his canine friend the specialized trousers, commenting that they were fantastic for taking Gromit on walks, though Gromit himself didn't like getting walked by the trousers, as they pulled him along by the head. Over time, though, Gromit found other, more useful jobs for the Techno Trousers, including using the wall-climbing function to paint ceilings. When a villainous penguin called Feathers McGraw came to the duo's house, he instantly became interested in the Techno Trousers.

After Gromit ran away from home, jealousy prying him away from Wallace and his new boarder, an innocent-looking McGraw, the Techno Trousers were mysteriously re-wired and Wallace was trapped inside them. Wallace was forced into a tiring, self-propelled romp around town. Gromit crossed paths with a panicked Wallace, and was instantly confused at the state of the seemingly haywire robot trousers, until he noticed that McGraw was controlling them. Soon, Gromit found out that the penguin had fouled up the Techno Trousers' programming in an effort to tire Wallace out and put him to sleep for a new purpose. Upon further investigation, Gromit discovered that McGraw was actually a notorious thief who disguised himself as a chicken in order to carry out his plans.

That night, McGraw snuck a sleeping Wallace, still in the Techno Trousers, into a local museum to lift a priceless diamond that was on display. He used the feet to climb the ceiling, enter the building (upside-down) through an air vent and along the ceiling in the prehistoric hall to the diamond. After a claw in Wallace's helmet hooked the diamond, one of the ceiling tiles attached to the trousers' feet went loose and the claw activated the alarm. After a botched getaway, McGraw walked Wallace return to his house, dropped the remote-control, and locked Wallace and Gromit in a wardrobe. Gromit, however, cleverly hot-wired the trousers and made them march, ripping the wardrobe out of place and eventually breaking the doors open, allowing them to escape in order to confront McGraw. After a crazy model train chase through the house, Wallace was free from the Techno Trousers, which then derailed McGraw's train by placing one foot on the line. In the resulting crash, McGraw was captured and heads back to a zoo in a prison cell. After the duo had collected the reward for the thief's capture, the dreaded trousers were thrown into the trash. The current location of the Techno Trousers is unknown, as they were last seen walking away with the trash-can.

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures[]

In this game, Wallace and Gromit now have a mechanical lawn mower resembling the Techno Trousers. It may have been the same trousers that they found and recycled as a lawn mower.

Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up[]

The Techno Trousers are featured in one level of this game where the player is tasked with repairing them for Spick & Spanners.



  • Techno Trousers' models is currently in storage at Aardman Animations. One of them being worn by Wallace in the museum set at National Media Museum.
  • In a promotional image for the Wrong Trousers Day, Nick Park is shown wearing a life-size replica the trousers.

In popular culture[]

  • Techno Trousers was in The Henry Stickmin Collection. But it was different and changed to silver paint due to copyright, the original Flash version of Infiltrating the Airship was the same colour from the original short.