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The Bunny Vacuum 6000 (or The BunVac for short) is a piece of technology invented by Wallace.


After receiving an emergency call from Lady Tottington of Tottington Hall, Wallace and Gromit drive to the premises as Anti-Pesto Pest Control to deal with the surprisingly large number of rabbits inhabiting the area. Wallace and Gromit activates the BV6000, which was attached to the back of their van, and Wallace carefully extracts the rabbits from the land and into protective custody. Lady Tottington sees the BunVac at work and marvels at the device, while her fiancé, Victor Quartermaine, is skeptical about it.

Back at their home, Wallace stores and tends to the rabbits. However Wallce devises a plan so the rabbits can be released back into the wild with no harm to them or the local crops. To accomplish this feat, Wallace attaches the BV6000 to another recent invention, the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic to mass-brainwash all the lagomorphs at once. Wallace activates both devices at once, which send his thoughts, via the BunVac, into the bunnies' brains. The plan works until Wallace accidentally reverses the BunVac, hitting 'blow' instead of 'suck', which forces rabbit-like instincts to be transferred into his mind instead. When Gromit breaks him free of the device, Wallace tries to feed one of the rabbits with a carrot. When the rabbit refuses the vegetable, Wallace declares his invention a success.

At the end of the film, BunVac 6000 was used to release the captured rabbits into the lawn of Tottington Hall.