Cracking Contraptions

"The Turbo Diner"
Turbo Diner
Release date 2002
Running time 2 minutes and 25 seconds
Previous episode "525 Crackervac"
Next episode "The Snoozatron"

The Turbo Diner is a short film in the Cracking Contraptions series. The film features the invention of the Turbo Diner - a device that helps quickly clean up diner.


While trying to repair the Auto Chef, Wallace tries a new replacement contraption. To help speed up Gromit's chores of preparing the table, Wallace activates the Turbo Diner, a machine that operates with coin usage. The Turbo Diner cleans the table via suction, but not before clamping Wallace and Gromit's hands and legs onto the chair arms and legs (to prevent the two sucked up into the vacuum). The Turbo Diner then instantly cooks a delicious meal, and lights the candles. But then the meter runs out of coins (as Wallace inserted a 10-pence piece inside, giving the machine a mere minute to operate). The table and meter are too far away for either Wallace or Gromit to reach because of the wrist and ankle clamps. Just as the machine goes up the ceiling, the minute is up and the lights and candles go out, leaving the duo hopelessly trapped in the darkness. How the two managed to break free has never been explained.

Goofs / Errors

  • When the suction machine comes out to vacuum everything, it doesn't suck up the table cloth.
  • Until the lights goes out, Wallace's eyes were looking at each other.


Wallace & Gromit 08-turbodiner

Wallace & Gromit 08-turbodiner