Wallace and Gromit Wiki

Hi guys! Fandom staff posted two important and exciting blogs recently which I wanted to make you aware of!

Global taxonomy

The title sounds really fancy and complicated, but this boils down to Fandom recommending content you want to see. Fandom has received feedback from users who are receiving recommendations to visit certain wikis they are not interested in.

With this data driven approach, users on a wiki will receive recommendations for new communities to visit based on what typical readers of that subject are interested in. That way you can attract like-minded users to your community and you get to visit other wikis you are interested in!

Please do read the blog for more information. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to let me know!

Templates and scripting

This Best Practices blog talks about what a lot of users have questions about - templates and JavaScript.

A key message on the blog is not to do overdo the templates and JavaScript on a wiki as that can slow the wiki down and make the experience not so good for users.

The blog goes into how you can effectively use templates and JavaScript and ways you can make the user experience better. For example, it is really recommended communities use user-friendly parameter names for templates so new users can edit the wiki article and contribute to the wiki.

The blog is packed with details so please do give it a read! Also feel free to ask me any questions.

Thanks guys!