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Wallace & Gromit DVD Game
DVD Game.jpg
Platform DVD
Developed by Snap TV
Published by Aardman

Zoo Digital

Release date 2005

Wallace & Gromit DVD Game is an interactive DVD released for DVD players by ZOO Digital Publishing and Snap TV under license from Aardman in 2005. The game is based on Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which was released on the same year.



The game has 2 teams, red (supported by Wallace) and blue (apparently supported by Gromit, though he makes no effort to show this). There are two difficulties, Adult and Junior.

When the game starts, both players take turns and the highest number goes first. The team that gets the highest number starts off by moving the number of squares corresponding to the number.

The aim of the game is to be the first team to secure 10 clients.

Squares In The Game

Game Squares

  • Maze Cracking- Phillip has chased a bunny in to Tottington Maze and Gromit must find and catch the bunny.
  • Keep 'em Peeled- The player must watch a Cracking Contraption video clip and answer a question based on the clip.
  • Imagi-Matic- Wallace displays an image on screen for a brief amount of time, and the player must guess what the image is.
  • Tunnel Trouble- The aim of this game is to successfully suck up enough bunnies to win a client.
  • Maximus Fling- Gromit must try and throw the rabbit further than Phillip.

Bad Squares

  • Victor's Victory- If a player lands on this they miss a turn.
  • The Curse of the Were Rabbit- Exactly like the Victor square.
  • Problem-atic- If a player lands on this square, the other team gets a client.

Other Squares

  • Spin Again- Player gets to spin again.
  • Bonus Client- Player wins another client.
  • Tea is for Teamwork- It removes some of the Bad Squares from the board.
  • Home- Every time a player passes this square, they win an extra client.


  • Peter Sallis voiced Wallace in the game.
  • Wallace makes it obvious he is supporting the reds throughout the game.
  • Lady Tottington is always the tenth client.