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Wallace & Gromit Fun Pack
Fun Pack.jpg
Published by BBC Multimedia
Release date 1996

Wallace & Gromit Fun Pack CD-ROM included Wallace and Gromit sound-bites, screen-savers, wallpapers and icons. The CD also featured the Quiz-o-Matic, a multi-choice trivia quiz for one or more players echoing the electronic panel of the spaceship from A Grand Day Out, and a video browser, an interface with clips from the first three Wallace & Gromit films found in the "Daily Lamp Post".

The CD holds two Wallace and Gromit games. "The Train Game" echoes the cliff-hanging action of the chase sequence in The Wrong Trousers. "The Bungee Game" is inspired by Gromit's antics in A Close Shave.

The pack was followed by the Wallace & Gromit Fun Pack 2.