Wallace and Gromit Wiki:Policy

In order to run Wallace & Gromit Wiki smoothly, we have decided to add some policies to this site on what you should do and what you shouldn't do. Most of these rules are common sense. Please do not edit this page unless if you are or have permission from EpicWikipedian. If you break any of these rules 4 times, you will be given a permanent block.


1. Use common sense

This is the most important rule and covers most of the other rules. For instance, do not edit other user's talk page comments without good reason, as that would not be using common sense.

2. No sockpuppetry

Creating multiple accounts for abusive purposes is a serious offense. The first time you do this will result in a 1 month block, and if continued, a 3 month block.

3. No spam

Posting the same thing over and over again, or trying to sell something, would be considered spam. The first time you do this will result in a warning (very serious cases of spam might not result in any warning). If continued, the guilty user will be blocked for 1 day to 1 month depending on severity.

4. No trolling

Don't try and offend anybody on purpose for your personal gain. Violating this rule for the first time will result in a immediate block lasting between 3 days and 2 weeks (depending on severity) without warning, and if continued, a 1 month block.

5. No vandalism

This is mostly covered in the "Use common sense" rule above. The first time you vandalise a page will result in a warning if the vandalism is minor or a block lasting for 3 days if the vandalism is major, and further offenses will result in an increasing amount of block time.

6. No inappropriate material

For instance, don't put any pictures in the "Wallace" article with Wallace naked, or ask for personal information in public. The first and second times you do this will result in an increasingly severe warning (although, if the offense is serious, may only result in one warning), then a block for 3 days if continued a third time.

7. No swearing

Remember, Wallace & Gromit is a U-rated program, so it only makes sense not to use bad language in this wiki. You will be warned the first two times you swear, then blocked for between 1 day and 1 week depending on severity.