Wendolene Ramsbottom is a character in A Close Shave, voiced by Anne Reid. She owns a wool shop and asks Wallace and Gromit to wash her windows. Her father was an inventor who created a dog called Preston.

Preston forced Wendolene to carry out sheep rustling, until he was defeated.

Wallace fell in love with Wendolene and hoped to pursue a relationship with her. However this did not come to be as when he invited her to have cheese with him, she told him that she was allergic to it.


She has white earrings, brown shoes, green dress, yellow or orange cardigan, pink coat, brunette bobcut and a blue eyeshadow.


  • The character was used again in the Wallace and Gromit Fan Pack Christmas Edition.
  • Ramsbottom could refer to the Lancashire town of Ramsbottom which interestingly is near the town of Tottington, which suggests that Nick Park has taken the names of many Lancashire towns and incorporated them into his characters. Some examples are: Preston, Wendolene Ramsbottom, and Lady Tottington.
  • Wendolene's model was destroyed in the Aardman warehouse fire in 2005 and hasn't been recreated since. 
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