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The West Wallaby Zoo is a zoo but also a prison for the villainous penguin, Feathers McGraw.

The Wrong Trousers

In The Wrong Trousers, Feathers escaped disguising himself as a chicken. In the end however, he was back in bars.

Project Zoo

In the video game, Project Zoo, you are in the zoo for the whole game, stopping Feathers McGraw from taking over the zoo with his diamond mine and kidnapping Archie. In the end however, he was back in bars again.

A Matter of Loaf and Death

In A Matter of Loaf and Death, Wallace and Gromit were trying to save Piella because her bike brakes weren't working. Her bike heads straight to the zoo and they bumped into the Crocodile exhibit but Wallace and Gromit manages to save her and Fluffles from the crocodile. Other penguins which look like Feathers McGraw made a blurry cameo in their exhibit.